DJ / Producer: AXL | SR: Owner / Founder | City: Miami

Sonic Recordings is an organization based in Miami and Berlin that develops contemporary concepts in the fields of music production and visual arts. Over the last ten years, the Owner and Founder of Sonic Recordings, Axl, has been expanding creativity to create a “Concept Label” that brings a new vision of abstract thinking to today’s innovative world.


He began his DJ career in 2002 with the support of GLK Records, was also part of ITR In Culture Records and later formed his own label Sonic Recordings. His training begins with instruction in piano and guitar, from then on he was influenced by the London sounds of the acid techno of the moment, but always looking to get into underground techno and the strange music he loved.

In 2011 Axl moved to Miami FL to relaunch his label and during this time he played in several important places in the city, including: Ultra 2012, Winter Music Conference, Club Fifty, Awarehouse, Treehouse, Basel Castle, Do Not Sit on Furniture, Panther Coffee, Q Lounge, Shalk, Renegade Empire (NY), Haven, North Beach Bandshell, Shots, Coyo Brickell, among others. His eclectic style covers some genres such as Deep House, Techno, Minimal, Electronica and Drum & Bass. He was part of the Organicarma band and the Acustronic Label.

He also works closely with DJ Matheiu, Co-Founder of Sonic Recordings in Berlin and Mad Dim A&R Manager Moscow, RU. Currently, they have expanded showcases in Berlin, Moscow, Barcelona, and Switzerland. Axl knows the roots of music and has the ability to read a crowd and direct an atmosphere, knows what to play and when.



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