DJ / Producer: Nicolas Duvoisin | SR: Artist | Country: Switzerland


This Swiss artist can do anything or almost anything. Label boss, he launches Fantastic Friends in 2009, ensuring at the same time the promotion of parties. He tours across the country with his “label nights” and expands internationally.

Attentive artist booker, he pushes his friends generously. As a DJ, his lecture of the dancefloor is keen, and he has played in all the better Swiss underground clubs. As a producer, he currently releases tracks on a High Calibre label in Berlin, Highgrade Records. A resident of La Ruche at Lausanne, he has infused a new energy into the venue during his eagerly awaited nights. As for his label, he hosts tracks and remixes by Mihai Popoviciu, Julien Chaptal, Mendo, Alejandro Vivanco or Jules & Moss. A beautiful track record!

Appreciated by all, his friendliness is his main business card and his joy of life rubs off on everyone he touches. This “Fantastic Friend” has the philosophy of clubbing in his blood and you can feel it both in his music and in his state of mind. Good vibes guarantee

Selected discography Nicolas Duvoisin

Nicolas Duvoisin – Right Inkl. Markus Homm / Fantastic Friends
Nicolas Duvoisin – collaboration Pt1 Tracks with Agaric & Alland Byallo / Fantastic Friends
Nicolas Duvoisin – Remix Early Bird (Einzelkind) / Fantastic Friends
Nicolas Duvoisin & Ben Larsen Été Indien / Highgrade Rec.
Nicolas Duvoisin & Ben Larsen – Fiesta Viera – Wiggle (UK)
Nicolas Duvoisin – Lausanne Ep / Metroline Limited
Nicolas Duvoisin – High Spiral / Highgrade




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