DJ / Producer: Federico Blank | SR: Artist | City: Caracas


Ordep Zerep is the name behind the work of Federico Blank, a devoted electronic music producer that started in 1999 as a Techno DJ in his hometown, Caracas, Venezuela.

In early 2002 he decides to leave his hometown, and moves to Barcelona, Spain, where he started some and participates in numerous projects that have had very good results in the past and in the present, these includes: Kremadelik, Glowmain, Soundworks, UFF!, Raised Music, Galaktika Records, Subversive, El Fusible, Moodulab, and Djprofile, just to mention the most relevant ones.He has recently released tracks on prestigious labels such as Get Physical Music, and Different is Different Records. Currently, he is managing his own nightclub in La Victoria, Venezuela, called El Recreo VIP, he also books DJ’s and acts as one of the residents of the electronic room called La Conceptual, which is well known for its intense great parties.

Nowadays, and back in Caracas, you can expect from Ordep Zerep’s sessions a perfect and energetic blend of the most amazing sounds related to the pioneering techno and tech house aesthetics that will for sure create an uplifting experience in the dance floor.

In his spare time, Ordep Zerep is experimenting with new sounds in search of different emotions, so you may find out indie house, ambient, dub, and noise tracks for your deleight!




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