DJ / Producer: Chak Besh | SR: Artist | City: Berlin


Born in 1984 in Berlin, Chak Besh developed his love for music at a young age by learning to play piano and cello, followed by guitar, bongos, and drums in later years.

His first experience of electronic music was at the legendary club “Stammheim” in Kassel in the year 2000. In the year 2002, he started Djing by himself and organizing parties in the city of Hannover.
Chak lived in many different cities over the years like Cologne, Munich and finally Berlin again to get to know many different scenes and musical styles. 2010 on New Year’s Eve he met the “Manege 8 crew” in Augsburg. Since then he started making first professional steps in sound design and hosting parties.
Both got his career much attention and highly recognized. At the same time, he founded the collaboration “Hiko &Besh” with his friend Masa Hiko. In 2011 he began his residency at “Kater Holzig” which was one of the most popular venues for electronic music in that time. He also organized the “Manege 8 Floor” there for over two years all by himself including booking, merchandising, artist care and management. At the same time, he started to play frequently in the most popular clubs of Berlin like Sisyphos, Club der Visionäre, Hoppetosse, Golden Gate, Rummelsbucht and also started to play across Europe like in France, UK, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Israel and Turkey, and South Africa. Chak is working currently on new music to release. Until then you can find him behind the decks of numerous clubs and parties all over Germany and Europe!





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