DJ / Producer: Arnaud Rouviere | SR: Artist | City: Barcelona


DJ/Producer from northern France, enjoying the sunshine in Barcelona since 8 years, Arnaud Rouviere is released on the Berliner label Sonic Recordings. He’s currently working solo and also on a project called Le Monquier, alongside the boss of the label Sonic Recordings, Matheiu.

After 8 years studying in the conservatory, Arnaud Rouviere quickly oriented his style to electronic music, between deep house, minimal and dub techno. He rapidly bought his first records and started playing around in France. He lives in Barcelona since 2008, where he organized events with the project Keep Real Birds. He has recently decided to dedicate himself to music production. He is working very closely with the label Sonic Recordings and has recently released on the Sonic Recordings Compilation // SR003.




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