DJ / Producer: Anrilov | SR: Artist | City: Moscow


Artem Anrilov was born in 1977 in the most northern city of Russia – Murmansk. His interest in electronic music has arrived with acquiring a good-old-fashioned ZX-Spectrum computer, which one Artem used to produce some primitive and weird sounds instead of playing primitive games.

After ZX-Spectrum he has got more serious computer gear it was PC AT 386 and started to conquer different “trackers” such as Scream Tracker, Impulse Tracker etc.
The idea to start DJ career has come to mind in the 1996 year, so it has been started.
Began to play house/acid house, during 2-3 years through different styles and sounds Artem has come to techno / minimal sound which became main nowadays.
After moving to Moscow in 2002, Artem continues to develop his musical tastes and horizons.
In 2005 he meets people who are stands behind DeepMix Moscow Radio and participates in developing radio station.
In 2006 in collaboration with his friends from Murmansk, San-Francisco and Moscow launch internet label “Fragment” which was mainly aimed to release Russian minimal / techno electronic music.
During last 3 years played in many Russian and former USSR cities. Was a resident of legendary club “Mix”. Recently played in “Solyanka” Club.
Nowadays Artem resident of DeepMix Moscow Radio, clubs: “Ikra”, “Shanti, “Minibar”. Also, he is an organizer of monthly “Fragment Sessions” parties that take place in club Shanty every pre-last thursday of the month.
Taking part in two projects: “Humble Guys” with Adrey Budassi, and “Bikini Bottom” in collaboration with Adriesh Gandrabur.


Selected discography Anrilov

C-Phone – Unexpected Booze (Alley P.M. vol. 1) – Alley P.M. 2005
Lazzich – Steps for Kids (Anrilov’s Tired Nurse Remix) – Fragment 2006
C-Phone – Can’t Leave the Orbit (Alley P.M. vol 2) – Alley P.M. 2006
B.A.D. – Sychi Sychi – Denkbar 002 2009

Elevation Technick – GR Records 2004
Kilohertz Safari – GR Records 2005
bVoice vs. Anrilov – UltraMix vol. 1 – GR Records 2006
Club Mix 7 Years – Club Mix
bVoice vs. Anrilov – Naughty Swans
bVoice vs. Anrilov – Dub Tales




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